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We "support" the arts with the best quality stretchers and canvases!

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7 good reasons to use Upper Canada Stretchers

  • Professional keyed stretcher frame designs for small to very large canvases
  • Select grade materials and high manufacturing standards for guaranteed performance
  • Convenient ONLINE shopping for stock stretcher bars and other products
  • Friendly and competent customer service just a toll-free phone call away
  • Any size or shape - custom made frames for the any idea you want to try
  • Carefully packaged for secure delivery - our work is 100% guaranteed right to your door!
  • Fast and reliable shipping by courier or LTL transport to anywhere in Canada , the USA and overseas

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Stretch your canvas prints or paintings DRUM TIGHT with our "key-out" Gallery frames.  These stretcher bars are the perfect fit for print-on-demand applications and for artists and photographers looking for great value and quality.
               •  1-1/2" thick Gallery bars assemble in seconds
               •  stretch canvas by hand, staple to back of frame
               •  tap in the keys to stretch the canvas drum tight
               •  bars sold in 1" length increments from 6" to 48"
               •  keyed braces available for extra support in large frames




Extra Large Stretchers are our specialty!

We've built many stretcher frames over 20 feet across and have developed heavy duty frame designs to support very large canvases. Stretching canvas properly is critical to ensure the durability of the artwork. At Upper Canada Stretchers, you can count on our expert staff to carefully fabricate each stretcher to preserve the condition of your artwork for years to come. 484-204-7625